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What’s On My Desk #6

What’s On My Desk:

Happy Sunday! How are you, dear friends?

Friends, I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. Today I will share what’s on my desk and mind.

What’s on my mind:

As a former culinary student and a long-time home chef, I got thinking about the food trends for 2023. I began that research and shared Food Trends and Thoughts 2023 on my website. Yes, this is important because this is a resource on my desk.

Photo by Yente Van Eynde on Pexels.com

Another thing on my mind is my bedroom. It is time for me to make changes. Yes, that is important to what is on my desk due to the youtube videos and books I have used for resources.

Maya Angelo says ” We need much less then we think we need.

This quote is more valid than ever now that I think about the near-death experience in my life. I laid in the hospital for those two in a half months and promised myself that if I survived the next step would be to wake up every day with new beginnings and less stress.

I have for a year now, awakened every day with positivity and happiness, except for the stress of the clutter from my past mixed with my future plans. I have begun two new journeys in my life and I am working on a blog series at the moment.

What’s on My Desk:

What’s on my desk and on my planner for the week of May 21st to May 27th, 2023? On my desk are my planners and sketchpad.

My planner shows a very busy week ahead my friends. One of my new journeys is that I returned to being an Independent Avon Representative! Woo hoo, this is something I enjoyed years ago and it was taken away from me by a controlling person.

That is one reason I now live by the quote below.

A dead battery quote

Dead batteries can be spouses, co-workers, and even family members. Life is short my friends. God has 25 warnings about bad and evil wives.

He gives 28 warnings about abusive husbands. I am aware you only have to be around that co-worker for a few hours, but that dead battery will be there again in the morning. Family members, well you need to figure out just how much stress you need in your life.

Back to my busy week, which includes ending one campaign and starting another one. It also includes helping my adult son finish taking care of a costly mistake and of course Library work.

What Else is on My Desk

What else is on my desk, my sketches of changing my bedroom around and all of the notes from a couple hours of YouTube videos. There is a ton of ideas out there so I only note the things I am inspired by and being a creative single woman, I no longer have to look at dull colors but have never been able to be surrounded by flower prints either.

Also, a book is on my desk called, “Healing Crystals” by Karen Ryan. This is on my desk as a resource for very special guests coming to the podcast in July 2023.

Review for future posts and podcasts:

Photo by George Milton on Pexels.com
  • More 2023 food trends
  • My bedroom changes and new journey of minimalism
  • Avon Business and avoiding dead batteries
  • Future podcast guest and healing crystals


In conclusion, friends I hope you have a very blessed week and come back often. Please share tips and ideas in the comments.


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