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What’s on My Desk #5

What’s on My Desk #5

What’s on My Desk this spring evening? Hi everyone! Are you ready for a new renewal of spring? Everyone seems to be returning to life this time of year.

This week, my new tea mug is on my desk filled with my favorite fresh tea for spring and summer. My mug reads “CAT Person”, that is correct I am a cat person.

My adorable calico is called Nugget. She is great company! She just turned one year old and is beautiful. She is beginning to enjoy outdoor activities too.

The tea is called “ I love lemon” and it is from the Biglow brand. It is delicious with a touch of honey.

What else is on my desk for the week ahead?

Letters to remind me of meetings in May and from family members that need replies.

My first week of May was already booked before the mail came, so these will get pushed back to next Sunday at the earliest.

Remember you only have twenty-four hours in a day and six to nine hours you must sleep to remain healthy!

Also remember, A dead battery, or in this case our emotional battery gets challenged several times in our lives. The closer I get to the age of sixty, I am learning that in order to have balance, I must work on what feeds my emotional battery and what does not feed my emotional battery.

Blog posts that I have started reading,

Volunteer work in my life:

I am the head volunteer for the community library. This has been a huge project for my spare time. It is a very small area and the former volunteer left it overwhelmingly with too many outdated books for the current library. I took five boxes of books to donation sites just last week. For the month of May, I will be reorganizing and updating the children’s library before summer activities begin.

We have already set in motion a children’s reading and fun time! I am very excited for the moms who jumped at this opportunity.

Busy week ahead:

My week ahead is shaping up to be very busy! Meetings and outings every day this week. What about you? Will you enjoy the great outdoors? How many things will you check off your list?


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