Midlife Boldness Changed How I display My Home Library

Midlife Boldness Changed How I display My Home Library

When you are passionate you can be bold because you have that drive, that enthusiasm, that courage, that excitement. Being bold means you can take risks. And taking risks means they pay off.

 Richard Templar, The Rules of Management, Expanded Edition

Midlife Boldness Changed How I display my Home Library:

Midlife Boldness Changed How I display my Home Library. What has midlife boldness changed in your life? Were you born with a bold personality or did you find your boldness after you turned 40 or 50 or maybe even 60 years of age?

I was not born with a bold personality, I grew up as a shy and quiet individual.

I found my new bold personality around the age of forty-eight, but each year that I approach my sixtieth birthday or the third act as we discussed in Midlife and the third chapter of life, I find better ways of expressing it!

Shy and Quiet Individual:

My shy and quiet way of life was influenced by growing up in a home where alcohol ran the atmosphere and the spirit of the home. Followed by a tragedy that caused me to make adult decisions starting at the age of twelve.

Although, my father stopped drinking when I was thirteen and neither parent is with us any longer, being shy and quiet verses speaking out is a challenging part of my existance.

BOLD means to Be Open to Lots of Developments. Byron Pulsifer

Midlife Changes:

During my forty-ninth year of life was the first fear of becoming a widow someday. My spouse was hospitalized and I faced everything on my own. This is when I began to stand up to the man I married almost forty years ago.

This is also the age I began exploring different genres of books and not afraid let people know that I enjoy all aspects of life and topics.

My home library on display:

So, midlife boldness changed how I display my home library. I no longer hide the fact that to keep a long marriage surviving, I own relationship and sexual topic types of books. We have been proud of keeping that part of the marriage alive. Yes even in your fifties and sixties you can keep the bedroom alive!

I also no longer hide the fact that I enjoy, Psychology, Genealogy, and Financial topics. I display all of my home library in plain site, by category and no longer hide that I enjoy a number of topics three-hundred and sixty-five days every year.

What about you?

What about you, what did midlife boldness change for you?

Next time:

Tune in next time as I tell the story of using a relationship books’ advice to shock my spouse in our earlier years.

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