Music, Books and Movies

Music, Books and Movies:

Music, Books and Movies, as you can see by the collage below I am old school and yes raised in the seventies and eighties. I have a decent vinyl collection and a home library and love nights in my recliner watching movies.

Goals and Reviews:

I set reading goals every year, for 2021 my goal is 50 books. This year my goals for reading include books to continually lead me to being a financially confident women and to dive deeper into my culinary practices and to find new genres.

I will share some of my reviews by linking you to my Goodreads account so that you can follow along.

My vinyl collection is of varies artist, some inherited from my father and some giving to me as a gift from my spouse and my daughter. I hope with those reviews, I can bring back memories of good times and surprising songs that maybe you had forgotten about with your busy lives.

Movies almost always cause me to ask questions, so that will be my approach on reviewing movies with you here, I will lead you to the clips that cause the questions and watch excitedly at your responses for my questions.

Quotes From Recent Reads, Lyrics and Questionable Movies:

. “A wise woman knows how to summon her courage and do what is right, rather than what is easy.” – Suze Orman

48 Suze Orman Quotes That Will Inspire You (2021) | EliteColumn

I woke up today, and the world felt heavy

So, I grabbed my keys, and I went for a drive

Jordan Davis – Church In A Chevy – YouTube

April & May 2021 Reading Lists:

Reading lists

April & May 2021 Reading List, consist of reassuring my financial confidence and new recipes and quilting.

My reading goal is 50 books by the end of the year. I usually go over my goals but life is changing, so we will see how that part ends.

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