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What’s on My Desk#4

What’s on My Desk:

What’s on My Desk this chilly Sunday evening? More natural light shines near my desk now. Last week I moved the desk closer to the window!

Let me explain, my daughter moved in with me during my recovery from covid. Read more here Seventeen Months Of Silence. Now my desk is located in my bedroom. She is expected to move back out this summer, but we all know how that goes with adult children. lol

Dave Ramsey Quote
lady working on budget

Also, this Sunday the budget is opened up on my desk, we are already heading toward a new month, and summer vacation time is just a month away for my grandson. That means summer traveling.

As Dave Ramsey says, “Discipline today leads to options tomorrow.”

Another thing new is a gift from my financial advisor. It is the book, called Boundaries. This is an amazing book! There is actually a series so I will be visiting the library to save money.

A book titled Boundaries.

What is new in your world?

Leave a comment below with new books, posts that I can read, or summertime travel ideas.

Come back soon!


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