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Lessons of Life

Lessons of Life

“Cowgirls don’t Cry, Lessons in Life are gonna show you in time” are words from Reba McEntires’s song.

 Those are some strong words to swallow, but “life lessons show you things in time. I am almost entering my third chapter of life. Read more hereMidlife and the Third Chapter of Life.

  I have experienced more than some and less than others.

 I took on the Role of an adult at the age of 12 after my mom had a tragic operation on her brain, and my father and I taught her how to walk, write her name and survive all over again. 

“The strongest woman I knew had to lean on her daughter and other children when Dad was out enjoying his alcohol. You see and hear things you never want to see and hear again, so you put on a good face and toughing up your heart.”

Then a man enters the picture, and at the young age of just seventeen, you become a wife, and just six short years later, you teach two little children how to live and survive. 

“This man works hard and enjoys life outside of the four walls. Again you see and hear things you never want to see and hear, so you put on a good face and toughing up that heart a little more.”

Now that man has passed away. 

Read more about this man at Silence And The Man In The Chair.

She has watched her mom, grandmother, and other women say goodbye to men who also taught her hard life lessons. 

Read more about the widows in this post, Four Widows In My Lifetime.

Now, she chooses to put on a good face and become a survivor.

” LIFE LESSONS HAVE TAUGHT HER SO WELL. ” words from Reba McEntire’s song

Listen to the full song below:


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