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What’s On My Desk #3

What’s On My Desk #3:

What’s On My Desk will become a blog series every Sunday…

Every Sunday:

  • I will share tips and tricks I have learned.
  • I will share my favorite products
  • I will share behind the scenes of a writer’s life

Tips and Tricks:

The tips and tricks segment today comes from a favorite YouTube channel I follow and from Canva.com. The YouTube channel is called Atworkwithnikki. The video I want to share is called How To Organize Your Computer Desktop.

My first attempt at the desktop:

I enjoyed learning this method and every time I sit in front of my computer, I am not overwhelmed by a messy screen!

My Second Desktop

Donna’s April Desktop

As you can see with the second Desktop, I went with bright spring colors and added the podcast cover in the corner to hold myself accountable until I get this new adventure going once again!

What about you?

What about you? Are there new tips for your desk or desktop you are able to share in the comments?


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