Traveling In Midlife Part II

Traveling In Midlife Part II

Traveling In Midlife:

In Traveling In Midlife, I shared a trip here in Missouri where we spent the day hiking and it was only a couple hour drive from my home. Missouri has several wonderful spots to visit. I shared a resource also… The resource was  PlannydriveI found this website while looking for ways to plan road trips.

Traveling In Midlife Part II:

In Traveling In Midlife Part II we visit several subjects:

  • The reason for a long trip
  • The adventure itself
  • The difference in taking a daughter vs a son
  • The unbelievable blessing at the end of the trip
  • Future plans

The reason for a long trip:

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Silence And The Man In The Chair is the reason for a long trip. After taking care of so many other people and responsibilities, I needed to escape. I did not escape far from everything though, due to we placed Christmas flowers at the cometary due to the fact it’s to far to drive in the winter weather.

I explored his family’s family cemetery, after thirty-seven years together I could recall all those stories and it gave my son 20-30 minutes alone with his father and grandfather and great grandfather. All three generation together under a large oak tree.

The Adventure Itself:

The adventure itself was amazing and full of surprises to say the least. We rented a two bedroom cabin on the lake. The view was amazing and the sound of boats zooming past my living room window made me jealous to say the least.

The sunsets and sun rising over the lake was something worth setting an alarm for so you did not miss one moment with God and a cup of tea on the deck.

I spent a total of eight days at the lake, just a couple hours south of my town. The first four days was just with my daughter.

Then four days with my son due to the fact he worked on the week days that I had chosen but still needed to escape too.

Although four people lived in the house while raising those children, the man in the chair worked lots of hours. He knew that his job was to lead the family and provide for the family. He raised his family on land in the country and came home to the garden every evening before supper time. That gave his wife and children so many years of closeness, while he did what his God expected of him.

The difference in taking a daughter vs a son:

There is a huge difference in vacationing with a daughter and vacationing with a son. They each are unique human beings with different personalities.

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Vacationing with my daughter first was full of catching up on my rest, reading books, having tea on the deck while reading those books. Walks by the lake and even a drive to a new fishing spot, which she got to hot to be there any length of time. No real exploring of our surroundings and several moments of silence besides the background music from the devices we were using.

Vacationing with a son takes a different turn of events. First morning we were up and both getting jealous of the boats racing pass our cabin. Headed into town to get his fishing license and some brand new fishing rod and reels.

This is my first fishing rod and reel that I was in charge of chosen and I look forward to all the times learning the ends and outs of fishing, cleaning and enjoying the sport on my own!

Then we turned a corner at the store and there were Christmas crosses and my son said, I will not be able to bring you back for Christmas, want to visit dad today. So we went and explored in our own ways for a short while.

The following day we went exploring and fishing in all the spots his father had taken him to and we even drove through back roads to see the property we once owned. At times we had no phone service and we would screen shot the GPS maps ahead of time.

After a great steak dinner on our last night at the cabin, my son built the fire in the community fire pit and we drank some alcohol and talked about memories and sat in silence at times watching the flames and thinking about life without the man in the chair.

The unbelievable blessing at the end of the trip:

As I mentioned, at times we had no phone service and we would screen shot the GPS maps ahead of time. When we reach the leg of the trip where we were about ten miles from my son’s home, the serpentine belt broke on the pickup truck.

We make it to the shoulder, fluids spewing everywhere and we look up and we were across the road from a family members auto shop!

Can I hear ” Praise God”

Future plans:

  • More adventures
  • Back to school
  • Writing and being published.
  • Possible dating someday but probably not marriage

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