What’s On my desk #2 ?

What's On my desk #2 ?

What’s On my desk #2 ?

Memory Lane!

Now that tax season is behind us, and summer activities are in front of us, my desk holds…

  • The Planners
  • The Laptop
  • Important papers from the doctor

On my website donnaalfordshortstories.com, you can read about the “ Man in the chair.”

This man is my spouse who has dealt with COPD since 2013. The papers I mentioned on the above list, consist of documents from the doctor who suggested in April to get things in order and to have fun.

Having fun actually consist of anything we can do in the home due to he doesn’t go out any longer. Actually has not left the home in three years now, due to oxygen twenty-four seven.

Yes, you guest it, no more ” Hilarious Sentimental Situations”, that camping trip was full of laughter and stress and challenges. We never let challenges get us down so far we couldn’t pull through.

I told you in “Midlife Boldness Changed How I display my Home Library:” I own relationship and sexual topic types of books. We have been proud of keeping that part of the marriage alive. Yes even in your fifties and sixties you can keep the bedroom alive!

Read ” Visiting An Old Friend In January!” to learn about the challenge, that years later helped us spark things up anytime and anywhere.

Memory Lane comes often these days, being six years away from “Midlife and the Third Chapter of Life and thinking about facing widowhood is not how I imagine my third chapter of life could possibly begin.

Tune in next month for more ” What’s on my desk?”

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