Traveling In Midlife

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There are millions of tips out there like what to bring on camping vacations, which suitcase to buy, where to go and what to see in just about every corner on Earth. What I want to share is how I began my midlife traveling journey and the amazing resources for successful adventures.

First Resource and My First Adventure:

The First resource I want to share is Plannydrive. I found this website while looking for ways to plan road trips. Speaking of road trips my first trip was not far from home.

A day outdoors:

I titled it… ” About to Scream” I only traveled about an hour from my home but it was worth every minute away! I got to spend time outdoors at Hickory Canyons.

Below are some pictures and video of my adventure.

Hickory Canyon

At the time of this trip I was ” About to Scream”. Life was causing me to ask, Why Is Everyone Talking About Breast Cancer Prayers?

It was a gorgeous sunny day! We arrived around noon. Took our time exploring all the various areas and hiked down to the waterfall and back up. We returned home shortly before dark. I just love adventures in nature, it is not as relaxing to me as say, being on a lake in the boat but it sure did lift my spirits.


Will I return to this hiking area? Yes and very soon I hope. Will I plan another trip through Plannydrive? Absolutely, I will even be able to plan attending nearby events in the future.

Can you do me a favor and comment a link to a great adventure you have taken? Thank you in advance.


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